7 Effective Marketing Ideas For Your Salon

Marketing can be a fun exercise or, as it is for many, a drudgery that keeps getting put off until another day.

The way to get the most from your time, energy and money is to make sure your marketing is well leveraged and going to the right avenues. It is also vital to make sure all areas of your marketing are getting results for you.

Your business success relies on new clients coming through the doors of your salon, on a consistent basis. It also relies on the current clients returning again and again to visit your salon and use your services.

Which marketing do you choose?

Among the many and varied ways, methods and strategies you can employ to market your business, I believe there are some that need to be in the ‘foundational’ category of building clientele and keeping them long term.

If you dont let people know about your business…how will they find you?

Here are 7 of the best ways I believe you can really strategise and leverage to get clients not only coming through your doors, but staying.

1. Shameless Self Promotion

This is the biggest and most effective way to get salon clients. May I also say- I believe the easiest and mostly its free!

If you are in the salon business, you must display your work. You must be a walking billboard of services available and the results achievable. The most important advertising you can ever do is what you portray to others. If it doesnt reflect your salon, why not?

Finding time to give yourself treatments and services is a challenge for many of us. It will usually involve staying up late, staying after work, getting up early and often missing out on something else but as a business owner this must be a priority.

You could quite easily spend $5000 in the Yellow Pages phone directory and not get seen as much as you would with a simple nail art design on your fingers and toes!

Make yourself an appointment and be vigilant with this marketing strategy. It will pay off!

2. Fliers

This may seem very archaic and old fashioned however I still believe it is a very effective way to let people know about your salon business. If you are smart with the printing it can also be very economical.

Once a week I would suggest a massive flier drop in carparks and letterboxes. I would be specific and target the areas where your ideal clients are. Make the flier stand out with a short message that shows how you can solve their problem, and a call to action. Do this on a regular basis and not only will you get old clients returning, you will get a flood of new ones through your door and making inquiries. Quite often people will hold onto your flier and come even 6 months later!

3. Networking

This is something you can do for free in most cases. It is also the best way to get in front of your target audience…your ideal clients.

Work out who your ideal clients are and then find the groups and places they hang out. This could be physical locations such as play groups, movie clubs, gyms, reading groups, business groups and so forth.

Get to know people. A big no- no and warning for you though is this- dont shove your business card in peoples faces – They dont care what you do until they know who you are.

4. Client Referrals

Clients referrals would have to be the easiest way to get new clients. It can be free but in most cases will mean a reward to your loyal clients who are doing the referring! A great price to pay in my view.

When people are referred to you, they already like you and your salon. They are already ‘qualified’ as a client and it is then up to you to keep them coming and begin their referring of others.

Why would you want to be going to all the work of finding new clients when the ones you already have can either be upgraded to other services or refer their friends and colleagues? A much simpler and more effective approach in many cases so make this one a priority in your marketing strategy.

5. Business Cards

Are you handing out your business cards?

This ties in very closely with the self promotion part of your marketing. When people are becoming engaged in a conversation with you about your services and salon, listen to what they are saying (or not saying). Figure out what they are telling you their problem is and then let them know that you can solve that problem- ‘here is my card if you want to come and see me about it one day.’

Nothing pushy, no degradation of the look of the service they may currently be having, no nastiness or bad mouthing of the salon they may currently use.

Just simply let them know you are there for them if they wish to come. Easy.

6. Facebook

Facebook is a brilliant way to reach new clients through word of mouth and referral. If you havent had a business page set up yet I would suggest you do as it will be an integral part of your business marketing.

What can Facebook do for your business?

Firstly, you can offer weekly ‘facebook only’ offers which will encourage your clients to like your page and them their friends will see this too and they will come. Social buzz is a brilliant way to get new people looking at your business.

Facebook is also a big business card for you. Your details, hours, services, prices and products can all be here for visitors to see. This is great and will reach people who you normally wouldnt reach yourself in everyday life. It also allows the new clients to see a little of your personality so keep friendly and share some of yourself too.

7. Mobile Marketing

This is the new way to do your marketing and it is very quickly becoming the most effective way to reach clients, existing and new.

Just about everyone has a mobile phone these days and we have them on us nearly 24/7. Mobile marketing reaches your clients where they are looking – on their mobile devices.

Your clients can book online, see your store and purchase directly from you via their phone or mobile device, see your weekly specials, be informed of upcoming events, scroll your service menu for information on other services and most importantly- you can send notifications directly to your clients to fill empty appointment spots. Now THAT is effective marketing in my books!


Put these 7 areas to good use in your marketing and you will see results. There may be many other areas of promotion and advertising you use also and thats wonderful, whatever works for you but remember that if you are spending advertising dollars to get clients in, work out the ROI and if it is really worth it when there are so many other effective ways to find new clients that are relatively inexpensive or free.

If you require any assistance or more information in any of these areas please contact me.

To Your Success

Trish :)


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