7 Ways To Attract More Nail Clients

Want more clients in your Nail Salon?

Every business is looking for more clients and in Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom today I am going to suggest 7 different ideas that you can use to attract the clients you want in your salon.

Attracting the right clients to your Nail Salon can be simple when you discover the different ways and techniques you can use. A burst of marketing works as does a long term campaign however if you have several things in place on a consistent basis, the results will be more consistent and greater.

Lets look at 7 ways you can increase clientele in your salon:

1. Visability

It is vital that YOU and your SALON are as visible as possible. Having a salon that is tucked away in a hidden corner will not get you the results. If you do find your self in a situation where you are a booth renter and you are placed at the back of a salon, or you have a salon that is slightly out of the way of the general public, or you are working from home, it is important to put strategies in place to BECOME more visible.

For instance if you are renting and are at the back of a salon, make sure there are plenty of pictures and signs at the front of the salon that will have people looking and asking for you. If your salon is at home or out of general view, have signage somewhere close, out the front or nearby to get people’s attention and to let them know where you are.

2. Fliers/business cards

These 2 methods of advertising are your salons basics. Handing out at least 20 business cards daily to new people is essential if you want large increases in new clients. Fliers are a great way to reach your target market and to let people in the area know about introductory specials to your salon.

Remember though- it is all in the numbers. You will only get a small percentage of interest from the business cards and the fliers so the more you get out there, the more people that will contact you.

3. Targeted marketing

Once you know who your Ideal Clients are, marketing to those people will get you better results. Sometimes marketing is directed at everyone. This may get you results but better results will come if you are getting your message out there to the people who are interested.

Knowing who your ideal clients are, where they hang out and what they want from a service will help you to get those exact clients into your salon. The marketing you do will also be targeted to these clients which will attract them instantly.

For instance, if your ideal client is a manicure client, you would have a special campaign with a gorgeous manicure package. You would then go to where your ideal client hangs out and market your campaign there with business cards, fliers, interaction or advertising.

4. Referrals

Referrals are the easiest and best way to get new clients. How do you get referrals easily? Look after the clients you already have.

This is so important and something a lot of Nail techs do not take advantage of. Your clients, if they absolutely are dedicated to you, love your salon and would not think of going anywhere else, will sing your praises with all their circles of friends.

You just have to ask.

Dont be afraid to ask your clients if they know anyone who would like what you do. Give them rewards for sending you business and they will do it happily. Some may even do it without expecting anything in return just because they admire you and your work so much.

5. Signage

The correct signage at your Nail Salon is a must. It has to be noticeable and it has to be memorable. The signs of your business name are important as they are what people will see first and get an impression of in their minds. Make it clear and simple and easy to remember.

Signage in your window is also a great marketing tool. When people walk past your salon, what do they see? To get them interested and keen to come in and talk with you, have something that says – I love what I do and when you come into my salon you are getting the best. This can be achieved with beautiful nail posters, pictures of your work, competition trophies or pictures and a display of the artwork that you do at the salon.

It is very hard to walk past a nail salon that has gorgeous images in the front window. Once someone stops to have a look, they will be interested in what you do so make sure there is also a price list or service list in the window too.

6. Self Promotion

Shameless Self Promotion. Many of you will know I talk about this a lot but really it is one of the easiest ways to get known. It is also fun.

Whatever your specialty in nails is- have it displayed on yourself. Creating interest wherever you go is  a key factor in getting clients. Not only will you create interest and perhaps get the person you are talking to as a client, but they will tell their friends about the amazing nails they saw on you and will pass along your card or details. It has a far greater reach that we realise.

It can be an effort to get your own nails done, especially after a long day doing everyone else but make the time, write yourself in as an appointment, and get some free advertising that works.

7. Social Media

Social Media is a free tool you can use to gain new clients easily. Facebook is probably the best and easiest but Twitter can be useful as well. It will just depend on who your clients are and where they hang out ( your ideal clients)

Having your clients on your social media page will help your client base grow because when their friends see posts and salon specials available, they will join the page and perhaps become a client too. Once again, it will depend on who and where your clients are, as social media is global but if you can target the clients that are in your area and invite their friends to join in on an introductory offer at your salon, you could gain new clients that you would never before have reached.

Social Media is another way for your existing clients to send you referrals so it is important to have a presence on at least one of the platforms available.

Get Out There In A Big Way

Implement all or some of these techniques and you will create more interest in your salon and attract the clients you want.

Remember to look after the clients you already have and to continue to improve on your services, your skills and your education to stay ahead of the other salons and be THE SALON that clients want to come to.

To Your Success

Trish :-)



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