7 Ways To Keep Your Clients Loyal

Client loyalty is essential for a successful business that wants longevity and profitability. 

There would be little reason to actually go into your own business if you didnt want it to be successful and bring you in an income, to give your family a better life and live the future of your dreams.

But…there are many people who struggle each day to not only get clients through their doors, but to keep them, and this is such a vital element to your salon.

Loyal Clients Are The Backbone Of Your Business

Why is it so important?

It takes a lot of time and effort to get a client through the door. Marketing, promoting, advertising, it all takes time money and effort. If you are going to this effort, wouldn’t you rather the client you eventually get into the salon become a raving fan for you?

I’d like to show you 7 ways to keep your clients loyal.

So that when you do get them through your salon doors, they will become a lifetime client.

1. Greet them with a big CARE factor

This may seem basic to many of you but how many salons or businesses have you been into where the way you are initially greeted is far from welcoming? It will make a huge difference to how the client (prospective client) feels before they even get started with you as their service provider.

2. Talk to them with interest.

Be interested. Ask your new client about themselves. Ask them what they like and what they dont like. Ask them about their lives, work and family and get a feeling of what they would love to talk about the most when they come to visit you. THIS will make an impact. THIS will be more important than you can imagine, not only to you but to them as a client.

3. Give them the service they came for.

This may sound like a no-brainer but lets be honest here. How many times have you gone to a business for a particular thing they have said they do and then they dont deliver? It happens! It happens and its a total turn off for me and I would not visit again. Dont let this be YOUR business. Deliver what you say you do, every time. Actually…deliver more!

This is something my clients will tell you about my services and consulting. They will ALWAYS get more than they paid for, more than they expected and more than they had hoped. You can see what I offer here at SALON CONSULTING.

4. LISTEN to the client as they are having their service.

Keep alert and look for ways to help them with any other problems they may be having that you can solve. This will not only assist them on some way but it will mean an upsell in services and extra income for you.

5. REBOOK before they leave.

Encourage the client to rebook before they leave so they can ‘lock in’ the exact time and date that THEY want. The most convenient one for them.


This is very important. You must follow up either with a thank-you note (best option)/email or text. Let them know they are a valueable client and you were thrilled to meet them and are looking forward to seeing them again. A small gift or discount works well too :)

7. REPEAT the process.

That’s right, repeat the process.

Now, of course there are many other factors that are needed such as the right atmosphere, the best experience, high skill levels and exceptional, all round service but these 7 basics are essential to get the ball rolling.

If your new client has the best experience with you and your business from the time they enter your premises to the time they leave, they will continue to keep coming back time and time again.

One more point I would like to add:

The experience will often start with a phone call as well so be vigilant about your phone procedures and how the client feels through this introduction as well.

How do you rate in your salon with the above list? Are you over delivering and gaining loyal clients? 

Let us know! I love your comments and questions.

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