I know for sure that the Gloss System Home Study Course is going to benefit you and your business.

Even if you simply choose to have mentoring or consulting sessions with me, this will change the way your business grows and operates.

But dont just take my word for it. Here is what others are saying:

“I am very thankful for the input and guidance Trish offers, her holistic approach to business really resonates with me. The GLOSS system and Trish’s always accessible advice have helped me to stay on track with the vision I have for my business. Through indentifying and being realistic about my values I have been able to acheive a work life balance that means I have more time to dedicate to my most precious job of being a mother, wife and friend while still being able to increase my income and clientelle” Ange Al Okabi, QLD

Trish Rock is my ROCK! This wonderful woman is an asset to our industry! Her love and passion for nails and especially helping nail techs worldwide be as successful as they can be is out of bounds! She has “been there” and “done that” and “knows how to overcome that!” and now she wants to share her wealth of knowledge and passion with you! Why re-invent the wheel alone? Trish can help you get where you need to be in your career!
She has helped me, “Develop my confidence”, “Overcome my fear”, “Take action” and find my “Uniqueness” which landed me in the July 2011 issue Nails Magazine which I can use for marketing to expand my business!

I can’t wait to see what my future brings with the help of Trish Rock and her GLOSS System!

Anna Schmidt
Nails By Anna!
Maumee, OH

I was really unsure whether I could/wanted to stay in the nail business, after talking to Trish she not only reassured me that staying in the nail business could be beneficial but she also gave me a few tips to put me back on track! Thanks Trish – Char Nail Tech

“Talking to you the other night was exactly what I needed….you gave me my self-confidence back and was very inspiring to me. You were very supportive and that was what I needed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly an inspiration and it rubbed off on me. :)Joanne Grant

Trish was introduced to me by an online friend who was aware I have been a bit down about what felt like a constant struggle in the nail business. After just two hours on the phone with Trish I had an action plan and renewed energy! Ideas began popping into my head over the course of our conversation, so much so I was furiously writing them down! I’m still in the early stages of marketing, but already feel sooo much better and starting to see results! I fully intend to invest in her GLOSS program and highly recommend contacting Trish!! Bethanne O’Neil

“Trish, I would like to tell you, I took your advice….and have cut my times nearly in half! I also took action on your suggestions … and in doing that they either sent me clients or they brought up to 2 with them. A total of 6 new clients. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me so far!“ Jessie Stringer Auburn

“I have recently been trained as a Nail Technician. With the help of Trish, the GLOSS System Home Study course and her mentoring, I have set up and started my own Nail Salon business from home. I have found the marketing advice really useful and it has helped me get clients into the salon immediately. Trish has personally taken the time to show me ways to cut down my time and to help me get repeat, ideal clients to my salon.Now, after less than 2 months, I have repeat clients and referrals to my salon. I am using the marketing techniques Trish teaches in the Gloss System and they are getting fast results. Kelly Savage, Savage Nail and Beauty

Hi Trish,
Thanks for showing me the easiest way to establish my new nail studio.  After implementing things from only the first two modules. I have retained 3 new customers that found me without referrals. I will continue to work through the last of the modules and hope that I can continue to extend my customer base.  It is great to know you are only an email away if I am having trouble, your support has been awesome!
Kirsten, Sassy Nail Studio and Boutique


I have seen Trish start her own Nail Salon business quite a few times now and she always has a successful outcome. She is very good at knowing how to keep the clients coming, for long periods of time!  If Trish herself is busy, one of her motivated and happy staff will help out.  The salons have always been very inviting and professional, and the nail work an excellent standard.  Trish has one many awards over the years that are proof of this excellent standard.  I would trust her advice on starting a nail salon as I believe she really does know what she is talking about.
Gemma Van Halderen, Social Data Integration and Analysis Branch, Australian Bureau of Statistics.


I have known Trish Rock for over eight years and during that time she started her own nail salon in a quite competitive market place and triumphed!
I have witnessed her create and build a very successful business. She has sound business principles, foresight and marketing acumen that make her projects winners.
She built her business with a positive approach, artistic ability and a friendly disposition.  It didn’t take long and her appointment book was full.
Julia Leech
Warwick, Qld

“Trish Rock is the go to person for nail and salon advice. I have personally seen her work miracles for some of my other softies. ”

Kathy Bellof from Soft Landings Towels

Trish made me think this week! She’s on the money!Luv the advice Trish gives us. :)

Tiffany Cofer

Tiffanys Touch Nails



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