Believe In Your Success And You Will See It


No I haven’t written this the wrong way and that is exactly what the publishers said to Dr Wayne Dyer when he sent in his book ‘You’ll see it when you believe it- the way to your personal transformation’.

For many years, I too was waiting to see things transform and transpire in my life before I would believe it could happen to me. The old saying – when I see it I will believe it.

There came a point where I almost gave up on many of my dreams because the results were not showing and I did not have the confidence or belief that they would show.

Fortunately the inner knowing in me was strong enough to overcome any thoughts of giving up and any notion of sitting back quietly and letting life just run all over me! I took back control and began to believe again. This involved a lot of personal development work but most of all it required me to know my worth. To love myself once again, as I did as a child, and to know that anything was possible and most importantly, that I deserved it.

A lot of our inner knowing and confidence, our love and appreciation for ourselves and our self worth are faded and paling when we reach adulthood. The ego has taken over and we believe ourselves to be ordinary. We believe ourselves to be nothing special and we believe we do not have the right to follow what is in our heart.

Once I began to appreciate the magnificence that was inside me, and inside you, then, I started to see.

Everything starts with imagination. Everything you see now in your world and in your life started as a thought, as imagination.

This means that YOU have the power within yourself to also create what ever it is you feel aligned with. Whether it is a successful business, a beautiful family, abundance, happiness or the worlds most bazaar invention for cleaning chimneys!

YOU are the only one who really knows what it is you want most in your life and as soon as you can begin to imagine it, it will start to become a reality.

There are some important factors that you must take note of :

Firstly, you have to believe it like it has already happened.  When you are imagining what it is you want, act as if it already is. Picture it as complete and real. See yourself in the picture and imagine all the different aspects.

Secondly, you have to FEEL it. If you can imagine it as real already, then feel the feelings that you would be having. Feel the emotions. Feel it as if it were real.

Having faith is not enough. You have to believe it has already happened and you have to feel it. That is not faith, that is a knowing. Often it is difficult to get to this point if the self confidence and the belief in ourselves is lacking. So if you find yourself  getting frustrated because the results are not showing- find a way to build up your self love and worth again. Invest in personal development, start reading or listening to motivational and inspirational speakers and find yourself a mentor who will support you in your growth.

You will see it when you believe it.

Of course you must take lots of action towards this belief also and if the vision is strong enough, the opportunities will come, the people will show up in your life and the way will be made clear.

A great place to start if you are dreaming of a better business, a new salon, a better workplace or even starting in the Industry, is to picture in your mind, imagine, all the aspects of the dream. The location, the size of the workplace, the colours, the people, the clients, the profits, the atmosphere, the feeling ofit and what you are doing but most importantly – HOW YOU FEEL IN THE PICTURE.

You could begin by writing down a list of what you want and what you dont want. Work on that for a while and then begin to visualise and include all the

elements of your list. Once you get started (which often takes me a while!) it will flow from you. You may be surprised at what comes out of your imagination! But go with it, dont discount anything as ridiculous. Dont discard any ideas you have as being silly or un believable. If YOU believe it, you can make it happen.

The final step is this: Dont let others put out your fire.

If you can, find someone to share your dream with that will encourage you. Otherwise- keep it to yourself.

There are a lot of dream stealers in this world and they dont want you to rise up and shine. They want you to stay with them, trapped in ego.

Now, there is nothing wrong with that, everyone is doing the best they know how, but if you choose to follow the passion and fire that is in your heart and you are ready to step up, you need to be vigilant, strong and resilient. And if your feeling and belief of your dream is strong enough, you will see it.

Everyone has the same magnificence within them. We are all from the same energy and we can all achieve whatever we think about and desire.

Believe in YOUR success, FEEL it, IMAGINE it…and then you will SEE it.

To your success


PS. Let me know your thoughts  or questions :)


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