Customers v Clients – The Best Salon Business Strategy

Do you have customers or clients?

Maybe you have never even thought about that equation before but now that you are, what would your answer be and why is it important to know?

In a salon business, and actually any service business, your main aim is to have people coming back multiple times to you.

Lifetime loyalty is a big key to longevity and success.

Business is all about relationships and here is the difference:

You build relationships with clients not customers.

Business building is all about relationships building. Creating an experience for the client that they will continue to come back for. Creating a relationship with the client that is real and more than just a money exchange.

To genuinely care about who they are and how they feel goes a long way towards them becoming lifetime clients. Quite often they will become friends in your personal life as well however this is only if you choose that reality.

Customers on the other hand are more likely to be a one off purchase or service.

The reason this is important to differentiate is to get the correct message across in your promotional material. If you are looking for customers as opposed to clients, it has a totally different energy.

For instance, a client of mine recently had this to say after taking action on just one part of the Gloss System:

“Hi Trish, just wanted to say a big thank you again! I now have six more new clients and I know they is much more to come…”

I have started a relationship with this client and am dedicated to her success. We enjoy conversing and exchanging ideas together and we are working towards her ultimate salon dreams.

I also have customers in my business. The people who buy an ebook or a book from Amazon that I have authored, and I dont have contact with them. They are customers. Just as important but totally different to a client-who I have a relationship with. Can you see the difference?

In your salon business I would imagine you would have both as well however you will have more clients than customers and I believe you need to be really focusing on that in your message to the marketplace.

A big key in the success of the salons I have owned and operated is the long term client base I grew in each one. This not only gave the salons a great reputation and income but it also helped when the time came to sell my business. It had a sale-ability factor because of the loyal clientele base. Another advantage of building relationships and long term clients is less time spent marketing and advertising. Like the sound of that?

My big point here is to remember to treat your clients as clients as opposed to just another customer. Give them an experience. Treat them well and build a relationship with them.

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