Earn More Profit In Your Nail Salon With Add On Services

Have you ever been frustrated by how many clients you have in a day and yet you still seem to be falling short when it comes to earning a better income for yourself?

Are your prices where they need to be but still you would like to be earning more per hour to get to your goals?

Its actually not that hard to achieve and with a little research, planning and asking your target market, you could be on your way to earning a much better profit margin!

Many salons now have additional services available as well as their normal nail treatments. This enables the client to have many of the services they like to have all in one place. It makes it a win win for you as well because if you can provide these services, your clients will be far more regular and will not consider going elsewhere. Remember,  devoted and long term clients mean less marketing for you :-)

There are many services that can be used to make your salon more pleasant for the client and also more profitable for you. These include beauty work such as facials and massage. But the add ons that I like the best are the ones that dont cost you a lot of time or money to include for the client at the end of their nail appointment. I’m talking about these:

  • Body Piercing
  • Waxing
  • Tinting
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Gel toes
  • Shellac
  • Minx Nails
  • and many more

One add on service that is absolutely booming at the moment is spray tanning. This is a product I would definitely consider as an extra service in your salon. Not only is it quick, but it has fantastic profit margins and has a lot of marketability, especially for formals, weddings and race days! A whole package can be put together with other add ons in your salon as well. You can expect at least $20 profit per tan (takes about 15 – 20 minutes to do. Profits are higher more often than not) so this makes it a very inviting skill to learn and a lucrative product to take on!

Monika, who is the owner of Minx Bronzing and Cosmetics, says that many people have spray tanning on a regular basis and by adding it to your nail salon services, it could really provide you with a much bigger profit margin and also more regular clientele to your salon. There are many brands out there to choose from but not all of them perform cost effectively and many of them do not have the support service we expect from a company. She says this about her range:

‘We have 3 different liquids not 6 shades of the same liquid, eliminating money sitting on the shelf getting wasted. And its a very similar story in regards to our Miss M Cosmetics. My clients were asking me for good cosmetics and as a business owner, I knew salons couldnt afford a cosmetic display worth $5000 sitting on the shelf, with minimum orders expected every month. We dont have any minimums on any of our collections.”

So I would highly recommend considering and researching what is out there in the marketplace for extra services and profits to your salon. A great place to start is with your clients! There would be no point investing in something new if they were not going to take advantage of it so I would start by asking them, personally or via a survey of some kind (salon or email). Then I would see what other salons in the area are doing (market research) and either do it better, use a better  quality product or do something unique that no one else has in their salons at the moment. This will give you the marketing edge on your competition as well as increasing your profits!

If you have any business question you would like me to discuss or any comments, I love to hear from you so leave your comments below!

To Your Success

Trish :-)





  1. Bree says:

    Hi, I own my own mobile spray tanning unit and was wanting to do once or twice a week drop ins at a local nail salon. Is there anything I need to do before I am able to do this. I know the ladies who do the nails have to be certified but is there anything I need to be able to spray there and not get the salon in a bind.
    Bronze Junkie
    Bree recently posted..Schedule a Spray Tan party in the month of July and receive a bottle of wine for your girls night in….


    • Trish says:

      Hi Bree, I think you would just have to talk to the salon owner and ascertain the requirements of that particular salon in regards to insurances etc. If you are your own business and are in the salon as a contractor it would be up to you to have all of your own cover. This service will benefit many salons who would like to do this service for packages! Good luck with it :-)

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