Salon Client Attraction with the G.L.O.S.S System

Are You Earning The Money You Deserve From Your Salon?

Are You Putting In Ridiculous Hours And Not Seeing The Benefits?

You Didn’t Open Your Salon For It To Take Away From Your Life!

Reclaim It Back Now And Begin To Earn What You Are Worth  

3DSALON_CLIENT_ATTRACTION_ (1)When you first went into the salon business you were excited and pumped to be truly living your passion everyday, doing what you love! You set up the salon of your dreams and got to work.

You then found out it wasnt so easy to attract the clients you wanted. It was a daily challenge to keep them coming and an endless battle to earn enough income to pay the bills that kept arriving!

You are not alone. There are many, many very talented people in this Industry who struggle to get the clients they need to have a successful salon business. 

Having clarity and focus on what it is you truly want is the first step to success, the next is getting that message out to the marketplace to attract the clients you desire.

Having a strong desire to achieve great results is also a must and while many people have this already, when the focus is in the wrong direction, your actions will not be as powerful and focused.

Are You Ready For More Success Than You Are Currently Experiencing?

 I will show you EXACTLY what to start doing–and stop doing–in your Salon to attract ALL the clients you want no matter how long you’ve been in business!

It’s all step-by-step not a big mishmash of things. So easy.

Take ACTION while learning and achieve results you never dreamed possible!

Yes Trish! I want to get started right away! Trish Rock

Maybe this is you:

  • You have tried everything you know of to get new clients in but its still a daily struggle
  • You’re working ridiculous hours and still do not have the income to pay your bills.
  • When you do finally get home at night,you are too tired to spend quality time with your family.
  • Your relationship with your husband/partner/boyfriend is beginning to feel very strained.
  • You look at your appointments for the next day and you instantly feel sick and you dont want to go to work because you dont want to be drained by these clients.

I can totally understand how you are feeling!

Often, when we are working hard to have a successful  Salon, we get totally caught up in pleasing our clients. This is mostly at the expense of ourselves and our loved ones. I know, I have been there. But it doesnt have to be this way.

When you work with me,  you  will attract more clients and profits to your salon. You will enjoy more quality time with your loved ones!

But dont just take my word for it, here is what my clients are saying:

“I am very thankful for the input and guidance Trish offers, her holistic approach to business really resonates with me. The G.L.O.S.S system and Trish’s always accessible advice have helped me to stay on track with the vision I have for my business. Through indentifying and being realistic about my values I have been able to acheive a work life balance that means I have more time to dedicate to my most precious job of being a mother, wife and friend while still being able to increase my income and clientelle” Ange Al Okabi, QLD

Thanks for showing me the easiest way to establish my new nail studio.  After implementing things from only the first two modules. I have retained 3 new customers that found me without referrals. I will continue to work through the last of the modules and hope that I can continue to extend my customer base.  It is great to know you are only an email away if I am having trouble, your support has been awesome!
Kirsten, Sassy Nail Studio and Boutique

I would like to say Thank you so much to Trish for putting together the GLOSS System it has seriously helped me gain confidence in myself as a Nail Technician in my first year and going from only having friends coming into my salon to having my phone not stop calling from people wanting to make an appointment with me. Trish has been a fabulous mentor for me always happy to answer my silly questions and any concerns I’ve had throughout my first few months with building my clientele up, I highly recommend the GLOSS System for any Nail Technician out there even if you have been in the industry for years you will benefit from this awesome product and i owe everything I have achieved so far to Trish Rock and also to her GLOSS System.
Thank You again Trish I look forward to touching base with you again and you truly are all Nail Technician’s ROCK!!!
Kelly Savage

Trish Rock is my ROCK! This wonderful woman is an asset to our industry! Her love and passion for nails and especially helping nail techs worldwide be as successful as they can be is out of bounds! She has “been there” and “done that” and “knows how to overcome that!” and now she wants to share her wealth of knowledge and passion with you! Why re-invent the wheel alone? Trish can help you get where you need to be in your career!

She has helped me, “Develop my confidence”, “Overcome my fear”, “Take action” and find my “Uniqueness” which landed me in the July 2011 issue Nails Magazine which I can use for marketing to expand my business!

I can’t wait to see what my future brings with the help of Trish Rock and her GLOSS System!

Anna Schmidt
Nails By Anna!
Maumee, OH

Here’s an Overview of the Gloss System Home Study Course and what you can expect to learn:

Module 1 – Grow Your Uniqueness: Learn to define your values and discover your true passion within this industry. This will make you STAND OUT from the rest.

Module 2 – Leverage Marketing and Promotional Strategies: Introduction to client attraction, marketing and business promotion.

Module 3 – Outstanding Style: Introduction and training for style, relationships, client conversation skills and much more.

Module 4 – Sensational Salon Shine: Create the perfect salon atmosphere and work standards. Partake in trade shows, competitions and earn more money than ever before.

Module 5 – Systems for Success: Define your goals, staff relationships, systems and business plan.

The bonus section comes with the addition of templates and a phone script. Each module comes with free worksheets to help you act on the new-found knowledge.

Here’s the value that you will get when you purchase the Gloss System Home Study Course:

1. The course in hard copy beautifully presented in a paperback for your ease of use. This enables you to take notes where necessary, refer back to each section when needed and keep as a reference guide for many years to come!

2. You also receive an audio MP3 for each of the 5 Modules so you can listen while driving or on your ipod or iphone!

3. 30 days email support with me personally to answer any of your questions or give advice in any areas you may need!

The investment of $75 is an absolute no brainer!

This information can be used and applied no matter what stage your business is at!

If you want to see more growth and success, you need to get started right away with me! Trish Rock

This program has a strong focus on your Values and Passion, finding your Purpose and then attracting your Ideal Clients and Marketing specifically to them.


Salon Client Atttraction -with the GLOSS System will mean you can design your own Salon success lifestyle and live the life of your dreams while serving the clients you love.


Ready to take charge of your immediate future?



Claim Your  Salon Success Today and Live the Lifestyle of Your Dreams


Don’t get left behind by your fast-acting competitors! Stay ahead of the rest!

GLOSS System – 5 Steps to Salon Success – is the Tool You Need. Trish Rock


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