Robin Moses, Nail Artist- A story of true strength and courage that will inspire you!

Robin Moses is an accomplished Nail Technician, incredible Nail Artist and has a most wonderful story to tell. Her words will inspire you, encourage you and give you the strength to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve in your Nail Salon, career and your life. You can FEEL in her words the incredible passion, dedication and vision for not only herself and her own work, but for others who she crosses paths with.

It is an honour for me to bring you her story:


Robin tell us how long you have been doing nails and how you came to start recording your work on Youtube.

I have been doing nails for 22 years, but have avoided having any attention until just recently. Many things factor into “why” but I will mainly say that I wanted to raise my children in a better environment and many things came together and told me it was time to show and share my craft with others.

Robin, you have worked in many different salons and situations, the best to the worst, and have been successful. Why do you think you have achieved that and how?

No matter what salon you are in, the tedium of everyone listening to other peoples problems pushing against people trying to earn a living creates a tremendous stress, especially during slow times and holidays.

This happens in the best and worst salons equally.

I have always focused on MY work. Drama happens and no one who creates lots of drama in this business ever really lasts or stays wildly successful….eventually the show packs up and leaves. Others come and swear they are more dramatic and then they leave—I just stay focused on my work and my clients. We enjoy the show and I keep to myself. It’s always worked well for me. I rarely, if ever, have been involved in shop drama. Its not just avoiding drama though, also, I always help co-workers when they need it…for example if a fellow worker has a client getting married and I can paint a flower on her and make her day better, I do that for my co-worker free of charge….(I charge the client sometimes, depending) and, we just have each others back like that.

I enjoy VERY MUCH girls who work with you to make it a win/win and help both of us STAY successful. You remember a shop that is friendly throughout…you dont remember a shop where no one cares.


One area I feel strongly about and feel Nail Techs need more education on is the area of work/life balance. Can you give some advice on how you have achieved this and how the readers can have more balance?

I completely agree. A very good percentage of people I have worked with have been addicted to drugs, alcohol, pills, sex, and the list goes on and on…when they get home, there is no one to vent what has been vented onto them.

This is a huge and serious problem and it nearly killed me.

I went home and ate and if I had stress in the home, I ate more and took drugs to numb myself. I smoked cigarettes as “breaks” from my work day where I could “escape” but instead it had ME trapped into a poisonous lifestyle that took years to unravel.

I had to learn what “choices” are and how to choose good ones for me and ‘why’….I would ask myself “what is wrong” at the end of the day and began to keep a journal. (of course it would take a novel to complete this question effectively) but, basically, I SAW my problem….I WANTED to fix it, I began to ask myself what was wrong…I began to listen to myself and I began walking to clear my head and lastly…I became a vessel where others peoples problems would go in and I would hear them, and I would care just as deeply as before, but at night I learned to release them and let it all go……it is the hardest thing I’ve ever learned to do.

Following your passion and being unique in the marketplace has become your life’s work. How did you overcome the fears and doubts and ‘have the courage to become great’ ?

In my profession, in the shops I’ve worked at….each one, I have had to ‘prove’ my greatness. In each one I DID do that. For 2 decades countless people have told me I was ‘great’ and people stop me in the street and say “dont you do that nail art?” …..but I never believed I was great. I always believed I was not worth being great and I would just remain ‘invisible’. When I paint, I am invisible……….my passion for painting nails is really my passion for connecting with women and I believe through listening to them, I untied the strength I needed to show the world I was great.

I gave to them, but in turn they have given to me.

Many of my clients who have been ‘great women’ gave me the tools to raise my daughter and I am forever grateful to them for that and they know who they are. to this day—-after 22 years, when I show a new video, I get sick to my stomach and believe everyone will think its ugly. I do not know why that is, but I know to ignore that voice in my head and show my work…that I deserve to show it just like anyone else.


Do you believe education is important for skills as well as business and self development?

Absolutely! I believe the more you know, the more you know to paint. The more reference points you have to begin a design. My art on canvas will show the depth of my journey and there is not one day that goes by where I am not reading and learning.

I believe you can make MAJOR mistakes and still be okay because you are TRYING and people forgive so much when they see you TRYING…..when you are just going through the motions, it comes through in all that you do. The world is all too comfortable with this notion and its far easier to wear a designer name than actually make a creative outfit yourself…just as its far easier too steal a design and pose in front of it than to actually get interested in egyptian art, african art or impressionism and learn about the culture and symbolism of what they are doing, then create your OWN art from what has come before you.

If I do anything, I hope I teach others to embrace this so that I can see springs of new art rise out of the ashes….also I hope I inspire the “giving others credit” for what they have inspired…… because inspiring others helps to inspire others to do better and in turn, you will see the one who wrote “inspired by” becomes THE INSPIRATION…..I am just beginning though…I cannot move a mountain in a day. :) hehehehehh

What would be your greatest words of advice and encouragement to the Nail Techs out there that are following their passion but sometimes wonder if they can do it, especially when the hurdles become bigger?

If you go home saying “I hate all of my clients” and you really do, if you find you dont like people…then GET OUT NOW because you really have to sit with people one-on-one and love it.

The painting of the nail is 2% of this job. 98% of it consists of building friendships, communicating and trusting each other with huge amounts of information…you have to GIVE personal info and be able to KEEP personal info safe. Sometimes you get burned and they betray you. Sometimes it hurts so bad, but you have to do it… is a family. Another thing is knowing you cannot save anyone, you can only listen. This sometimes plagues me. ..each person has their own journey and listening is something that is so profoundly important. Just being heard can really help someone more than trying to help them. If you become a good listener who TRIES and loves people, you will not fail. I am not promising wild success overnight, it takes time and dedication….but the world is aching to have people who listen and try their best….


How can the readers contact you and view your stunning collections of nail art?

Right now I am in the middle of making a forum. (there will be links all over the place when it is finished and you will be able to find it at of course (with all of my youtubes there too!)

It will just be mine and I am so so so excited. I want a place where I can have all of my most asked questions, my art, my videos, links to articles I’ve been in, links to where my artwork on canvas is showing, how to buy prints of my art, and so so so much more. But I want it calm and very easy to guide around and find answers and ask questions. I want to be able to find the questions I am asked!!!! I miss so many the way I am running things now!!!!!

So, yes…I am excited about the forum……..I believe its going to be great and I will not stop until I build what I see in my head. I finally believe I deserve it and I believe it will help so so many girls to become better or just give them that extra push to become great without having to work as hard as I did…or maybe it will show them that being invisible is no way to live your life and that you have EVERY right to build YOUR dreams and make them come true!!!!

My viewers can watch me build mine and help me, building their own at the same time! :):):)

Love to you all

Robin xx

You can find Robin Moses here on her  WEBSITE and also on YOUTUBE or on her FACEBOOK page.



  1. Lucy of Nails To You! Florence, OR says:

    Dear Robin, I really enjoyed what you wrote and I agree with what you said, especially the part about our clients becoming our friends and keeping their confidence in what they trust us with is so important.
    I love your art! Keep on inspiring us. Aloha! LucyLu

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