Referrals and Testimonials- the Lifeline of your Salon Business






Referrals and Testimonials- the lifeline of your business

Owning a business, especially such a people orientated business like a salon or spa, requires more than just your ability to promote the fact that people will get a great service, experience or product through your own words or conversations. It requires SOCIAL PROOF to keep attracting new clients and gaining new clients to your business is an ongoing commitment.

What makes the difference between a busy salon and a salon that is struggling and what can every salon owner do to ensure their salon business is sustainable and survives into the future?..

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Destiny Is Calling You

Destiny is calling you- Are You Listening?

In our busy lives these days it is so easy to get caught up in the mundane, unimportant every day dramas and routines. They become the focal point of our thoughts and actions and eventually we forget we have a higher calling within us.

I see so many people, very talented people in the Industry, not living their big dream. They believe they could never have what they really want, achieve greater goals or be where they truly want to be- I dont know about you but this used to be me as well. Thinking I was destined to a life behind the table, doing nails until I was old and grey. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that if that is your desire! For me, it wasnt. I knew I had a bigger purpose, a bigger message for the world. It took many years to make the decision but when I finally did pick up the call from destiny, my life took o a whole new meaning.









It is actually your right to decide what it is you truly want from life. It is your life, your choice.

“But what about the responsibilities, family, work and all the other things in my life?” you may be saying. I certainly dont advise you discard anything in your current reality but if you want to truly fulfill the deepest desires in your heart, all it takes is for you to start. Take the first step.

What is the first step? BELIEVE you are worthy of your dreams

You have waited long enough. Write down exactly what it is that would make your heart sing. Take steps to get started in that direction. Remember- dont think anything you write is silly or out of the question. Everything starts with a thought.

Destiny has been calling you. Begin to listen with your heart and soul.

You will find along the way many people who will support you in your dream.

Will there be challenges? Oh yes! These challenges will push you but in the end, they will also be the making of you. Life has a wonderful way of looking after you as soon as you decide you are worthy of your inner most dreams and desires.

Dont put it off any longer. Destiny has been calling you. Do you hear it?

To Your Success

Trish :)


Competitive Or Creative Energy To Build Your Salon?

The way you feel about life and others will have a huge impact on how you build your salon business.

Big statement?

Let me explain what I mean by that and perhaps give you the tools to invite more prosperity into your business, more clients through the door and more peace of mind for you.

Mostly the salons I see and experience are working from a competitive stand point. By that I mean:

  • They are making sure their salon is better than the others (coming from a fear point of view).
  • They want more than the others.
  • They are making sure the other salons dont take anything away from them ie clients.
  • They do not want to miss out on anything.

There is a definite energy that accompanies these thoughts and it is negative. It is aligned with jealousy, scarcity, resentment and fear of losing money, clients and your business.

This may work for some, and it may work for a while however while it may bring in clients and money, it will not bring you prosperity. It will attract to you more negatives such as other salons taking clients, other salons performing better and basically everything you are focusing on!

Remember- What You Think About Most Of The Time Is What You Will Experience

Let me show you a more positive way to do business. A course of action that will not only have your salon running more effectively but will see a change to your whole outlook and life.

Use Creative Energy instead.

Creative energy is positive. Creative energy comes from a place of service, not competition. Creative energy will begin to ATTRACT more creative, positive energy to you.

How can you incorporate this into your salon to have more clients, more profit and a salon that people look at and say- I wonder what they are doing to get so busy? (that may be the competitive minds by the way!)

Here are some positive ways to increase business:

  • Create a EXPERIENCE for your clients that they love and that will see them counting down the days till they return.
  • Create the salon that YOU want- not a ‘better’ version of the one across the road.
  • Service is key. Come from a ‘place of service’ to others rather than a ‘money collection’ attitude.
  • Positive energy will attract MORE positive energy.
  • Value is paramount. Offer VALUE and the price will be secondary.
  • The clients that leave or dont come- they were not a match for your salon and they have done you a favour.

The way people do business is changing. Yes, we need to be making an income in our business, I totally agree. But it wont come from just offering a service or product to someone anymore, not in the long term anyway.

It is all about relationships. People want to feel like they belong. They want to feel welcomed and they want an experience that they are not getting elsewhere. If YOU can provide that- you will have a loyal, long term client at your salon.

Complaining and whining about what the other salons have done or are doing to you is not the way. Worrying about clients that are going elsewhere is not the way.

Remember- What You Think About Most Of The Time Is What You Will Experience

Be creative. Create the salon YOU want with an EXPERIENCE your clients will be coming back for long term. Dont worry so much about what the ‘competition’ is doing. In fact, if you reach out to the other salons you may find ‘like- minded’ business owners and you can form alliances! Its a win/win for everyone that way! There are enough clients to go around. There is no lack except for the lack in your mind.

One last word- you will also have MORE FUN being creative rather than competitive.

To Your Success

Trish :)