Why More Marketing Wont Bring In Clients


Seems an odd statement from me I know. After all, showing clients how to market themselves more effectively to bring in more new clients is what my business is based on and I do it well.


It is true though. More Marketing wont work. More of the SAME marketing.

So often we are lured into the easy way of doing things. The same way that has worked before and has been tried and tested. Marketing with the same strategies and using the same words. Giving the same message to the same people over and over.

And dont worry, I am included in the above too!

There comes a time however when something has to give. Something has to change for you and your business. You get to the point when you know if you dont do something different, your business will be gone.

Doing more of the same will bring you more of the same.

Marketing campaigns that may have worked in the past are not guaranteed to work today and in fact the world and the way we do business is changing so fast that what works today will most likely not be working in 12 months time.

So what is the solution?

I feel there are two elements here that are important to look at.

The first one is the message you are sending out to your prospective clients. There are still many salon owners I talk with that do not have a specific message they want to give to a specific client.

This is all about knowing who your ideal client is and having a message that speaks to them.

How do you know who your ideal client is and why do you have to decide? Well, the thing is you dont have to decide but if you are marketing to everyone, chances are you will get no one.

This clip will explain in more detail and give you some ideas of how to go about knowing your ideal client, finding them and getting your message out to them.

The second element that I feel is vitally important is to begin to do things differently. If something was working for you and now it is not, it is time to change strategy. By sending out the same type of marketing, placing the same advertisements (in the same places) and offering the same discounts and special offers, you risk your clients getting bored and you also are not keeping up with where your clients may be looking for you.

Often times when we want to begin something new, try a different strategy or adopt a plan that will work for us, it means an investment of time and money. There are many who are not willing to do this and keep opting for what they know.

I understand totally how difficult and challenging it can be. You need to invest to make more money but you need more money to invest! It seems an endless circle sometimes!

But  you HAVE to do something to break out of  unproductive cycles that you are in.

It takes faith. It takes trust in the process. I know the pain. I understand what it feels like. Wishing you could invest in something that you know will boost your sales but still having that heavy, painful feeling in the pit of your stomach because you are not going to make rent for the week. The situation will not change if you choose to focus on the lack.

To take that leap of faith, while very scary sometimes, is the one thing that will move you and your business forward, out of lack and into profit.

Allowing the wisdom of others into your life and taking on  board their suggestions. THIS is what will bring you new clients. Investing in your future and taking the time to do it right.

The RIGHT message to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time.

Taking the time to figure out exactly what you want from your business is key. Take the time, become clear on what outcomes you are expecting and then go find the right tools to get it happening for you.

Marketing yourself and your business is essential. Begin to think about it from a different perspective and it WILL bring  in new clients to your salon.

Do you have a question you would like answered about your current marketing? I would love to hear from you :)

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